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Quickie Quiz Answers

Wednesday, August 3rd

86 % of us have done this.  What?

Answer: Locked our keys in the car!

Tuesday, August 2nd

60 % of people don’t know how to properly do this.  What?

Answer: Jump start a car!

Monday, August 1st

Kentucky produces 95 % of the world’s supply of this.  What?

Answer: Bourbon!

Friday, July 29th

The average person spends about 2000 hours a year doing this. What?

Answer: Working!

Thursday, July 28th

According to GQ Magazine, 1 in 10 men admit they don’t know how to do this. What?

Answer: Change a tire!

Wednesday, July 27th

This is the top-rated daytime TV show. Which one?

Answer: Judge Judy!!

Tuesday, July 26th

1/3 of women say this is the most important thing they do all day.  What?

Answer: Put on their make-up!

Monday, July 25th

This will be touched 25 times before you buy it. What?

Answer: A greeting card!

Friday, July 22nd

According to a recent poll, women say this is the perfect age. What?

Answer: 28!

Thursday, July 21st

About 20 % of us have admitted to doing this at work. What?

Answer: Stealing stuff!

Wednesday, July 20th

Name the year:  Smokey and The Bandit was released; Roots premiered on TV; Radio Shack introduced the TRS-80 Computer.

Answer: 1977!

Tuesday, July 19th

According to a magazine survey, this is the best place to make out. Where?

Answer: Roller coaster!

Monday, July 18th

According to USA Today, this is America’s #1 bus destination.  Where?

Answer: Branson, Missouri!

Friday, July 15th

Name the year:  Batman, starring Michael and Jack Nicholson, is released in theaters; the Dallas Cowboys fired longtime coach tom Landry; Brittany the Intern was born.

Answer: 1989!

Thursday, July 14th

A new study shows that people who own one of these are 40 % less likely to die of a heart attack. What?

Answer: A cat!

Wednesday, July 13th

On average, women check this 3 times a week. Men check it less than once a month. What?

Answer: Horoscope!

Tuesday, July 12th

On the top grocery items purchased in the U.S., just one is not a food or beverage.  What?

Answer: Toilet paper!

Monday, July 11th

More people speak English in this country than in the U.S.  What?

Answer: China!

Friday, July 8th

8 out of 10 U.S. households own one of these.  What?

Answer: Grill!

Thursday, July 7th

Nearly 50 percent of people say this was their favorite thing to play with as a kid.  What?

Answer: A cardboard box!

Wednesday, July 6th

Name the year: The TV show ‘Fame’ premiered on NBC; IBM released PC-DOS 1.1; Kid Arthur’s Court and White Water Landing opened at Cedar Point. What year?

Answer: 1982!

Tuesday, July 5th

About 40% of us have a favorite one of these. What?

Answer: Pen!

Friday, July 1st

9 out of 10 households in America buy this food.

Answer: Ice cream!

Thursday, June 30th

Running 2 of these in your home will use more electricity than a fridge. What?

Answer: DVR!

Wednesday, June 29th

1 out of every 8 boxes of cereal sold is this brand. Which one?

Answer: Cheerios!

Tuesday, June 28th

About 45 percent of Americans take these every day. What?

Answer: Vitamins!

Friday, June 24th

Name the year: New Coke made its debut, MacGyver debuted on TV, VH-1 made its debut.

Answer: 1985!

Thursday, June 23rd

This chain buys more lettuce than anyone else in the world.  Who?

Answer: Taco Bell!

Wednesday, June 22nd

10 years ago, there were 4 of these. Today, there are over 300.  What?

Answer: Reality TV shows!

Tuesday, June 21st

There are about 24,000 of these types of stores across the U.S.  What?

Answer: Sporting goods!

Monday, June 20th

Americans spend $25 billion on this each year. What?

Answer: Beer!

Friday, June 17th

Name the year:  Fleetwood Mac released Rumours, The Witches Wheel opened at Cedar Point, and the Atari 2600 was released.

Answer: 1977!

Thursday, June 16th

According to Cosmo Magazine, nearly 40 % of arguments between women occur here. Where?

Answer: Garage sales!

Wednesday, June 15th

We now consume more of this than the French.  What?

Answer: Wine!

Tuesday, June 14th

1/3 of Americans say they’ve done this while driving, even though it’s not very safe.  What?

Answer: Changed clothes!

Monday, June 13th

We love this meat in the midwest. Southerners like it too.  We eat 1.7 billion pounds each year. What?

Answer: Bacon!

Friday, June 10th

Just 400,000 of these sold worldwide in 2009.  What?

Answer: Typewriters!

Thursday, June 9th

Women use nearly 200 over the course of their life. Men use about 140. What?

Answer: Sick days!

Wednesday, June 8th

2 out of 5 married couples in the U.S. don’t share this. What?

Answer: Religious beliefs!

Tuesday, June 7th

The #1 profession of characters in romance novels is a doctor. What is #2?

Answer: A cowboy!

Friday, June 3rd

A recent survey found that 80% of adults have not been to one of these in 10 years. What?

Answer: A library!

Thursday, June 2nd

Men hold about 5% of the jobs in this career field.

Answer: Nursing!

Wednesday, June 1st

According to a survey of grocery store chains, when a hurricane threatens a town, this is the first food item people snap up. What?

Answer: Pop Tarts!

Tuesday, May 31st

The average American spends 17 minutes a day doing this. What?

Answer: Texting!

Thursday, May 26th

What was Potsie Weber’s real first name?

Answer: Warren!

Wednesday, May 25th

40% of women admit they base their first impressions of other women on this. What?

Answer: Their clothes!

Tuesday, May 24th

In this American venue, you could place the Vatican, and still have room for Yankee Stadium, the Rose Bowl, and Churchill Downs. Where?

Answer: Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

Monday, May 23rd

They don’t come with the car, but nearly 10 million people pay extra for these.

Answer: Vanity license plates!

Friday, May 20th

3 out of 10 Americans do not have one of these.

Answer: A credit card!

Thursday, May 19th

Name the year:  Night Court premiered on TV, the NCAA announced the basketball tournament would expand to 64 teams, the PG-13 rating was introduced.

Answer: 1984!

Wednesday, May 18th

15 % of Americans have had their picture taken here.  Where?

Answer: The police station!

Tuesday, May 17th

This actor’s last movie was in 1964. He then switched careers. Who is it?

Answer: Ronald Reagan!

Monday, May 16th

Women are 4 times more likely to get in trouble for this crime than men.  What?

Answer: Shoplifting!

Friday, May 13th

Nearly 60 % of single guys have tried to meet women here.

Answer: Church!

Thursday, May 12th

This crime occurs about once a minute.  What?

Answer: Identity theft!

Wednesday, May 11th

It’s a sign of the times. More women are taking part in this crime. What?

Answer: Robbing banks!

Tuesday, May 10th

40% of McDonald’s profits come from these. What?

Answer: Happy Meals!

Monday, May 9th

Which state has the most miles of ocean coastline?

Answer: Alaska!

Friday, May 6th

Name the year:  GI Joe made his debut, the first Ford Mustang was produced, the Blue Streak opened at Cedar Point.

Answer: 1964!

Thursday, May 5th

Name the year:  The Six Million dollar Man premiered on ABC, a UPC code was scanned for the first time in Ohio, Pele retired from soccer, NHS Truckers won the State Football Championship.

Answer: 1974!

Wednesday, May 4th

Name the year:  Dallas beat Denver in the Super Bowl, Different Strokes premiered, and the Susan B. Anthony dollar was first issued.

Answer: 1978!

Tuesday, May 3rd

The average man gets a new one of these every 2 years. What?

Answer: A belt!

Monday, May 2nd

Soccer is the world’s most watched sport. What’s the world’s largest participant sport?

Answer: Fishing!

Friday, April 29th

Nearly half of people surveyed said this is their biggest annoyance at work.  What?

Answer: Gossip!

Thursday, April 28th

6 % of us dip our fries in this.  What?

Answer: Mustard!

Wednesday, April 27th

Just 3 percent of us have never eaten this. What?

Answer: Jello!

Tuesday, April 26th

Sales of these have dropped off annually for the past 5 years.  What?

Answer: CDs!

Monday, April 25th

At least 70 % of us have eaten this, even though it is potentially dangerous. What?

Answer: Raw cookie dough!

Friday, April 22nd

66 % of us still have one of these at home, but we rarely use it.  What?

Answer: VCR!

Thursday, April 21st

1933 was the last time this kind of crime was committed in the U.S. What?

Answer: A train robbery!

Wednesday, April 20th

53% of women say they’ve used this at work. What?

Answer: The men’s restroom!

Tuesday, April 19th

This U.S. company has the most loyal following, when it comes to coffee.

Answer: McDonald’s!

Monday, April 18th

This is the 3rd most used language in America.

Answer: Sign language!

Friday, April 15th

On average, two-thirds of Americans eat this every day.

Answer: Cereal!

Thursday, April 14th

This is the most profitable type of food sold in the USA.

Answer: Dog food!

Wednesday, April 13th

About 10 percent of guys have been dumped, because they like this too much. What?

Answer: Sports!

Tuesday, April 12th

1 in 3 people will forget, or forgot to do this today.

Answer:  Put on deodorant!

Monday, April 11th

45 million Americans have at least one of these, and 20 percent wish they could get rid of it.

Answer: A tattoo!

Friday, April 8th

You might have a favorite one of these, and on average, you’ll use it 2100 times before you replace it.

Answer: Coffee mug!

Thursday, April 7th

The average American eats 11 pounds of this per year. (40 years ago, consumption was near zero!)  What?

Answer: Yogurt!!

Wednesday, April 6th

Most of these contain fish scales.  What?

Answer: Lipsticks!!

Tuesday, April 5th

2.5 billion people are expected to watch this later this month.  What?

Answer: The Royal Wedding!

Monday, April 4th

What’s the #1 thing cell phones are used for, besides making a call?

Answer: Checking the time!

Friday, April 1st

The French eat 200 million of these annually. What?

Answer: Frog legs!

Thursday, March 31st

Four out of ten men are frightened by these.  What?

Answer: Spiders!

Wednesday, March 30th

It’s supposed to be fun, but 1/3 of us say it stresses us out.  What?

Answer: Going on vacation!

Tuesday, March 29th

Men are 9 times more likely to lie about this than women. What?

Answer: Their age!

Monday, March 28th

Americans will eat 1.7 billion pounds of this this year. What?

Answer: Bacon!

Friday, March 25th

According to a recent survey, nearly 25 % of adults think this item from Star Wars really exists. What?

Answer: Light Sabre!

Thursday, March 24th

About half of us say we think of a junkyard when we look at this.  What?

Answer: Our garage!

Wednesday, March 23rd

This was first cooked by a chef in New York in 1896.  What?

Answer: Chop Suey!

Tuesday, March 22nd

The average person goes here more than 1,800 times during their lifetime.   Where?

Answer: McDonald’s!

Monday, March 21st

There’s something in your house that can last up to 50 years.  What?

Answer: The toilet!

Friday, March 18th

Women are more likely to do this chore at night; men, in the morning.  What?

Answer: Dishes!

Thursday, March 17th

Half of us will have this for dinner tonight. What?

Answer: Leftovers!

Wednesday, March 16th

There are two states that border more states than any other. Name one.

Answer:  Missouri or Tennessee!  (each borders 8 other states!)

Tuesday, March 8th

Just last week, this magazine turned 88. Which one?

Answer:  Time!

Monday, March 7th

Black and Decker introduced this product to consumers in 1979. Most of it was originally intended for NASA, and moon landings.   What?

Answer:  The Dustbuster!

Friday, March 4th

In the U.S., we get a new one of these about every 18 months. In Japan, it’s about every 9 months.   What?

Answer:  Cell phones!

Thursday, March 3rd

The first of this type of family-fun attraction opened in 1929.  What?

Answer:  Putt-putt golf course!

Wednesday, March 2nd

When the power goes out, a quarter of us say we miss this more than anything else.  What?

Answer: The lights!

Tuesday, March 1st

In 1984, the average price of one of these was over $3,000.  Now, you can get them for next to nothing.   What?

Answer:  Cell phones!