FLMS Hi Buddy Mega Summer Super Banger 05 27 16


Kelly Rose and Brandon Helman go live in studio with a number local musicians: Mark Graibus and Jeff Ro of Chu Dat Frawg, Cory Boomer and Tommy Christian of Mister Moon, and Cory Webb of Nick D and the Believers/former member of The Womacks. Collectively, these musicians make up a super group called ‘Baby Loves Dinosaur’ and perform their song ‘Maybelline” live at the WLKR studio during the podcast! On this coming Friday, June 3rd the group will be presenting ‘The Hi Buddy Mega Summer Super Banger’ which will take place at the Red Iron Bar and Grille in Wellington with Great Grandpa Beebe starting it off at 8:00pm and running until midnight with new t-shirts being featured from the Hi Buddy crew available for purchase at the event.

FLMS Hi Buddy Mega Summer Super Banger 05 27 16

Baby Loves Dinosaur – Come On Maybelline (Live at 95.3)