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The Womacks:  Tony Schaffer, Haley Heyman, Cory Webb & Noah Heyman
The Womacks are a unique Americana Folk/Rock quartet from north-central Ohio. Although only two members of the group actually share blood, they consider themselves a close-knit family. They are brother and sister, Noah and Haley Heyman, with longtime friends Cory Webb and Tony Schaffer. All of the Womack’s live together in the same rural home and this closeness, aside from 150+ performances a year, has turned their recordings and performances into a tightly woven musical experience.



Emily Keener
Emily Keener is a sixteen year old singer/songwriter (from Cleveland, OH) with a thing for Paul Simon and VW Buses. She’s often been called a young girl with an old soul, and likes nothing better than to write and share her words. She plays her dad’s old acoustic guitar with a folksy groove, and can fill a room with her unique style. Her shows include her original songs, with some choice covers here and there. Her natural stage presence showcases her beautiful melodies and ever-growing vocal talent. 


Ancient Elephant: Christon C., Mike C., Levi F., Kevin B., Justin D.
An original band from northwest Ohio, blending rock, hip-hop, reggae and a large range of other influences to make you want to get up and dance. 


Eastern Rift:  Dan Hoke – vocals; Mike Hoke – Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals; Eric Hugg – Rhythm Guitar; Mark Belcher – Bass Guitar; Matthew Jefferies – DrumsEastern Rift is a Rock group consisting of five like-minded musicians
from northwest Ohio. Solidly crafted songwriting is only matched by their stellar live performances.  The group’s songs are both elevated and refreshing.  Their sound contains different genres of rock and pop, it’s all there.  



Last of the Wildmen: Kyle Kirchenbauer – Percussion, Vocals; Jimmy Getty – Acoustic, Vocals; Matthew Grabowski – Guitar, Vocals; Samuel Miller – Guitar, Banjo; Phil Tabor – Bass
Folk infused rock augmented by appealing melodies, jolting electric guitars, dense harmonies, and visceral subject matter.

Last of the Wildmen is a community, it’s a way of life, it’s about every good thing left in this world, it’s about friends coming together having a great time.