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New Tune Tuesday

April 16, 2013

“Save Rock N Roll”, the fifth album by Fall Out Boy.

“The Terror”, the 13th disc from The Flaming Lips

Listen Here

“Mosquito”, the fourth album by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Listen Here

“Ghost on Ghost”, the fifth album from Iron & Wine

“Desperate Ground”, the sixth album by The Thermals.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

“Paramore”, Paramore

Their first album since JOSH and ZAC FARRO left the band in 2010 over creative differences. Josh was their lead guitarist, and Zac was their drummer. Both had been with the band from the beginning.

“Except…Sometimes”, ’80s “Brat Pack” star Molly Ringwald

Her first solo album is filled with jazz standards, plus a cover of the song Simple Minds’ “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”, from the “Breakfast Club” soundtrack.

“Give Up – Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition”, The Postal Service

A reissue of their 2003 album, with 15 bonus tracks, including two brand new songs: “A Tattered Line of String” and “Turn Around”.

“State”, Todd Rundgren

• The soundtrack to the Tom Cruise sci-fi movie “Oblivion”, with music by M83.

“Stories Don’t End”, the rock band Dawes

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Alkaline Trio My Shame Is True

Streaming here

Rilo Kiley RKives

Listen here

Bring Me the Horizon Sempiternal

Streaming here

British Sea Power Machineries of Joy

Streaming here

New Tune

Royal Teeth

From Louisiana, their debut EP Act Naturally is available now, and their full length LP will be released later this year.

They’re offering a free download on their website RoyalTeethMusic.com