Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Huron County/James to run for commissioner

Former Executive Director of the Huron County Chamber of Commerce, Melissa James, has announced her candidacy for Huron County Commissioner.

James, a Democrat, is seeking the seat currently held by Republican Joe Hintz.

James spent the past sixteen years leading the Chamber as well as the Huron County Safety Council and Huron County Visitors Bureau.


Greenwich/Sex offender going to jail

A Greenwich man is going to prison for 10 years on sexual battery charges.

59 year-old Patrick A. Taft Junior pled guilty in December to two counts of sexual battery related to incidents from August 2015 through February 2017 involving a girl that was a minor.

Taft is now classified as a Tier 3 sex offender.


Willard/Heroin dealer to jail

A 42 year-old Willard woman is spending some time in jail for a drug crime.

Lori Atkins was sentenced to 60 days in jail after admitting Wednesday in Huron County Common Pleas Court that she had violated her probation on heroin trafficking.


Catawba Island/Missing man found

A missing elderly man on Catawba Island was found safe after a six-hour search by authorities on Wednesday.

The man suffering from dementia was discovered unharmed near the 2600 block of Sand Road.

The man, who was cold and disoriented, was treated and released from Magruder Hospital in Port Clinton.


Patrol/”Fans don’t let fans drive drunk”

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is urging fans to be safe this Super Bowl Sunday by refraining from driving impaired.

During last year’s Super Bowl, the Patrol made 66 OVI arrests; with four fatalities and 135 injuries resulting from traffic crashes during the 24-hour reporting period.

Three of the traffic fatalities and 21 of the injuries were OVI-related.


Norwalk/Possible job expansion

Norwalk city council has approved a job creation grant to assist with New Horizon Baking Company’s planned expansion.

It includes $3.6 million in equipment and $440,000 in additions; which will likely create 18 full-time permanent jobs in Norwalk before the end of the year.

A final decision on the expansion is expected soon.

The company looks to continue its 51-year partnership with the city of Norwalk.



The 10th annual “Ice-A-Fair” festival takes place Saturday in Vermilion.

The event features 70 ice sculptures on display downtown along with ice carving demos.

“Ice-A-Fair” runs from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Also Saturday, the Ritter Public Library is hosting a coinciding Chocolate Festival in Vermilion from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.




A slight chance of snow showers.  Partly sunny, with a high near 20.

Wind chill values as low as 2-below-zero.



Increasing clouds, with a low around 12.

Wind chill values as low as 1-below-zero.



Cloudy, with a high near 32.  Wind chill values as low as zero.



Snow.  1 to 2 inches possible.  High near 35.