Radiohead Had Sound Issues at Coachella, and Lady Gaga Debuted a New Song

RADIOHEAD had some technical glitches during their headlining set on the first night of Coachella Friday.  Just a few songs in, their speakers cut out at the end of “Ful Stop”.

They finished the song . . . because they didn’t know the audience couldn’t hear them . . . but then left the stage while the problem was fixed.  But it happened again during “15 Step”, and the band left the stage again.  They came back four minutes later, only to have it happen one more time, during “Let Down”.

But the issue finally got sorted out. The rest of the show went off without a hitch.

During her headlining set on Saturday, LADY GAGA debuted a new song called “The Cure”.  She also paid tribute to BEYONCÉ by doing their duet, “Telephone”.  Remember, Gaga is subbing for Beyoncé, who had to back out due to her pregnancy.