Thursday, July 11, 2013

The National Weather Service will send people to Bellevue today, to confirm reports of a tornado.

The city was hit hardest, during yesterday afternoon’s storm. Hundreds of trees were damaged or destroyed, and the storm left thousands in Bellevue and the surrounding area without power. A number of homes were damaged during the storm. Because of downed trees and high water, all routes into Bellevue were closed off.


Our own Mark Lane is a trained Skywarn Spotter.

He was working in Bellevue yesterday afternoon, when he and his crew at Norfolk Southern saw a funnel cloud.


Yesterday’s storm destroyed at least four camper trailers at Leafy Oaks Campground, near Clyde.


Though not as severe as Bellevue, there was damage elsewhere in the area, including Norwalk and Monroeville.

The main problem…Downed limbs and trees.


A Flood Warning remains in effect for the Huron River, near Milan.

The river reached nearly 22 feet. Flood stage is nearly 18 feet. It should fall below flood stage this afternoon.


The Flood Warning for the Norwalk Creek remains in effect as well.


Throughout the area, a number of roads remain closed, due to high water.

That list includes Shaw Mill Road in Milan.


Yesterday’s official rainfall measurement in Norwalk:  1.57 inches.

Officials said it rained 15 of the last 16 days in the Maple City.  Total measurement during that time:  8.37 inches.


There’s still spots around the area with no power.

Thousands of Ohio Edison customers around the area were without power after the storm.  Crews are still working to fully restore power in affected areas.  It could be tomorrow before it’s complete.  

Firelands Electric Co-Op says about 1,700 customers were affected in Huron, Richland and Ashland counties.  Power should be fully restored by this evening.