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Monday, July 1, 2013

The early forecast for Thursday’s July 4th holiday—A 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms, and 81.


19 firefighters have died, battling a massive wildfire in Arizona.

Fox News, will have more, right after local news.


Erie County deputies believe a body found inside a burning van in Milan Township was the victim of suicide.

The body is believed to be that of 33-year-old Roberta Vick of Norwalk. Deputies are waiting for confirmation from an autopsy. They said that could take several weeks. Shortly after 6am yesterday, a passing motorist called 911, after seeing smoke coming from the Milan Wildlife Area, along Lover’s Lane Road, near the Huron-Erie County line. Emergency crews responded, and extinguished the blaze, then found a body in the back seat. The blaze was so hot, it destroyed the van and the body. Deputies later went to Vick’s home, and found detailed a suicide note.Sources said she was the mother of three children.


A missing Cleveland boy was found in Erie County this morning. 

Eight-year-old Kevin Criss Jr. is safe and is being returned to his mother.  His non-custodial father, Kevin Criss of Middleburg Heights is in the Erie County Jail.  Officials issued an Amber Alert for the boy early this morning.  An area man who received the alert contacted authorities after seeing a car matching the description.  Criss was pulled over on Cleveland Road by Huron Police and Erie County Deputies.  He’s currently charged with possession of drugs, with more charges expected.


The Ohio Division of Watercraft and the Coast Guard will be out in full force Friday through Sunday as part of ‘Operation Dry Water.’

They’ll be trying to keep people from boating while drunk.


Governor John Kasich has signed off on Ohio’s new two-year, $62 billion dollar budget.

It includes a veto of language blocking him from expanding Medicaid.


Erie County Republicans have a new leader.

Berlin Heights mayor CJ Kamm has been chosen, as the party’s new chairman.


Today is the first of three straight days that Huron County Treasurer Kathleen Schaffer will offer off-site property tax collection.

She’ll be at the Wakeman Village Office, from 9am until noon. Tomorrow, she’ll be at the Willard Senior Center from 9a-12p, and Wednesday, at the New London Village Office, same hours, 9am-12p. Taxpayers must pay with a check or money order. Debit and credit cards cannot be accepted off-site. Tax bills must be included with payment. Huron County property taxes are due by July 12th.


Around the region…

A malfunctioning coolant pump caused a weekend shutdown at Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant.  Officials said there was no threat to public safety. 

Last week’s heavy rains damaged some of U.S. Route 250 in Ashland County.  ODOT closed the road late last week.  It could re-open tomorrow.


Getting underway this Wednesday—The 27th annual Willard Festival In The Park.

It runs through Saturday. We’ll broadcast live from the festival, between 4-7 Wednesday.  It’ll feature rides, live music, food, a three-on-three basketball tournament, fireworks and much more.  We will have more on the Willard Festival in the Park in news later this week.