Friday, April 5, 2013

If the forecast is accurate, get ready for some April-like weather.

Starting tomorrow, the forecast calls for at least six straight days of highs in the upper 50′s or 60.


The American Civil Liberties Union says Norwalk and Sandusky Municipal Courts are among several courts in Ohio that are illegally jailing people, because they’re too poor to pay fines or court costs.

The ACLU says during the second half of 2012, more than 20 percent of bookings at the Huron County Jail—cases originating from Norwalk Municipal Court—were because of failure to pay fines. The ACLU says fines and court costs should be recovered through civil lawsuits, instead of jail time.


Furry Elementary was locked down briefly late yesterday morning after Perkins Police received a call of a possible suicidal male in the area.

The man was found within 15 minutes and the lockdown was lifted.


Still no word from the Governor’s office, on a replacement for retired Norwalk Municipal Court Judge John Ridge.

Ridge officially retired December 31st. He agreed to keep working, until a replacement was named. Three attorneys applied for the job: Eric Weisenburger, Scott Christophel and Harold Freeman. All three are also running in the May primary, along with Douglas Clifford.


Ousted Huron City Schools superintendent Fred Fox will appeal his dismissal.

His attorney, Patrick Murray will file the appeal in Erie County Common Pleas Court. Murray’s expected to file at least three other lawsuits as well, on the grounds of defamation, mental anguish and more. By a 3-2 vote, the Huron Board of Education rejected a recommendation to reinstate fox with full back pay. Fox has already filed suit against board members Scott Slocum, Tim Sowecke and Donna Green. He’s seeking at least $2.5 million in damages.


Starting today, street repairs will begin along Norwalk’s Gerard Drive, Joel Way, King John Drive, Par Court, Parkridge Court, Patrician Drive, Queen Anne Way and Victorian Circle.

Parking in construction areas will be prohibited. One lane traffic will be maintained, but motorists should try to use alternate routes.


Another house fire, this time in Sandusky.

Yesterday’s blaze damaged a Lindsley Street home. Overloaded and outdated wiring might have been the cause. Damages were placed at $30,000.


Starting April 19th, the city of Norwalk will stop accepting American Express Cards.

The city will still take Visa, Mastercard and Discover.


GM has announced plans to pour $56 million into its plant in Toledo.

Company officials say its part of a broader effort to build more fuel-efficient engines and transmissions.


A notable change involving Ohio’s largest newspaper.

Starting this summer, the Cleveland Plain Dealer will cut back home delivery to three days a week, including Sunday.  The newspaper will be printed daily and will be sold at thousands of outlets.


Coming up tomorrow:

The 10th annual Tool Time, sponsored by the Norwalk Area United Fund. It’ll be held from 1-4pm, in the Expo Center at the Huron County Fairgrounds.