Better Than Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson?

When it came time to book the headlining act for Bill Clinton’s 1993 Inaugural Ball, there was really only one choice: Fleetwood Mac. Their 1977 hit “Don’t Stop” was the theme song of his campaign, and it played virtually anywhere he went during that hectic year. The only problem was that the Rumours-era lineup of the band hadn’t played together in years, and Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood had just gotten into a nasty spat in the press.

Despite all the drama, it proved very tough to turn down an invitation from Bill Clinton, and the Rumours lineup put aside their differences for one night to play “Don’t Stop” at the Inaugural Ball. The song wrapped up with the First Family taking the stage alongside Michael Jackson, Chuck Berry, Warren Beatty, Sally Field and tons of other special guests. 
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