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The Latest Music News

Music News May 3, 2016

The Edge Became the First Rock Musician to Play in the Sistine Chapel

THE EDGE from U2 recently became the first rock musician to perform at the Sistine Chapel.  It was part of a conference on finding a cure for cancer.

It was an acoustic set, and he was accompanied by an Irish choir.  He did the U2 songs “Yahweh”, “Ordinary Love”, and “Walk On”, as well as a cover of “If It Be Your Will” by Leonard CohenBono was not there.

The Edge said, quote, “When they asked me if I wanted to become the first contemporary artist to play in the Sistine Chapel, I didn’t know what to say because usually there’s this other guy who sings.”

Check Out Audio of Axl Rose Practicing with AC/DC

It sounds like somebody got audio of AXL ROSE practicing with AC/DC for their upcoming shows.  There are two, 30-second clips of Axl belting out “Shoot to Thrill” and “Thunderstruck”.

They appear to have been recorded outside a studio, so the sound isn’t great, but it’s hard to deny that’s Axl’s voice.

The title of one of the videos is in Spanish, and it mentions Lisbon.  That’s where the first Axl-DC show goes down this Saturday, so we assume that’s where these videos were shot.  (Grab both videos here.)

Watch Billy Corgan Tell a Fan to Get the “bleep” Off His Stage

This is easily the COOLEST video of a rock star telling someone to get off the stage EVER.  And even if you hate BILLY CORGAN with the heat of a thousand suns, this might just make you love him.

During a show in Memphis last week, the SMASHING PUMPKINS were doing “Angie” by the Rolling Stones, and some dude jumped up onstage and started head-bobbing.

Without even looking at the guy, Billy just nonchalantly said, quote, “Get the “bleep”
off my stage before I punch you in the “bleep”  face.”  And the guy immediately jumped down.


Music News May 2, 2016

Radiohead Is Promoting Their Next Album By Disappearing?

Usually when an artist has a new album to promote they’re EVERYWHERE . . . clogging up your Twitter feed, posting non-stop statuses on Facebook, and showing up on every talk show.

But it seems like RADIOHEAD is taking the opposite approach.

Their website has gone completely blank and they deleted their Tweets and Facebook posts.  Their profile pictures and cover photos have gone completely blank as well.

There’s no explanation yet, but they’re probably disappearing in a BACKWARD attempt to get some publicity for their upcoming album and tour.

Meanwhile, some fans in the U.K. did receive mysterious leaflets from the band which said something like “Sing a song of sixpence that goes, burn the witch, we know where you live.”  That’s pretty creepy, so it’s good that they were embossed with a Radiohead logo . . . so it didn’t totally scare the crap out of you.

The band has an old unreleased song called “Burn the Witch”, and some people think it could be featured on the next album, or that it may be the new album’s title.  (They teased the song at a show a while back.)

Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” Is Her Sixth Straight #1 Debut

As expected, BEYONCÉ scored a record sixth #1 debut on the Billboard 200.  “Lemonade” sold a whopping 653,000 copies last week, so it wasn’t really close.

But it WAS closer than it would’ve been normally, because last week was the first full week after PRINCE’s death . . . so FIVE of his albums made the Top Seven, led by “The Very Best of Prince”, which sold 391,000 copies.  Here’s the Top 10:

  1. NEW:  “Lemonade”, Beyoncé . . . 653,000 copies
  2. “The Very Best of Prince”, Prince . . . 391,000 copies
  3. Prince’s “Purple Rain” soundtrack . . . 216,000 copies
  4.  “The Hits / The B-Sides”, Prince . . . 106,000 copies
  5. “Anti”, Rihanna . . . 50,000 copies
  6.  “Ultimate”, Prince . . . 40,000 copies
  7. “1999”, Prince . . . 36,000 copies
  8. NEW:  “Always Strive and Prosper”, A$AP Ferg . . . 35,000 copies
  9.  “Traveller”, Chris Stapleton . . . 33,000 copies
  10. “Purpose”, Justin Bieber . . . 31,000 copies


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