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Music News February 4, 2016

Def Leppard Guitarist Phil Collen Says It’s “[Effing] Lame” that Guns N’ Roses Are Making So Much for Their Reunion Gigs

It looks like it’s ON between DEF LEPPARD and GUNS N’ ROSES.  Def Leppard guitarist PHIL COLLEN doesn’t like that GnR can command ungodly sums of money, just because they split up 20 years ago.

He says, quote, “I think it’s [effing] lame considering we’ve been hardcore.  Our integrity’s still intact, we’ve never split up.  We’ve gone through if someone had a little sniffle or something, we soldier on.”

He adds, quote, “Someone dies, someone loses an arm, someone gets cancer, we soldier on . . . I know it’s difficult, but I do think it’s pretty lame when you compare anyone else to us.”

But Phil’s not trying to make this personal.  Quote, “I love Guns N’ Roses, I think they’re really cool, I’d love to see Slash and Axl and Duff play together.  That’s great.”

John Kasich Will Try to Reunite Pink Floyd if He Becomes President

Republican contender JOHN KASICH just made a pretty solid case for why we should elect him president:  He says that if he reaches the White House, he’ll try to reunite PINK FLOYD(!!!)

CNN asked Kasich to name the best concert he’s ever seen, and he said it was Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” in Pittsburgh.

And he added, quote, “ROGER WATERS is a remarkable artist.  If I’m president, I am going to once and for all try to reunite Pink Floyd to come together and play a couple songs.”  (Here’s video.)

That’s probably not going to happen though.  In the last 35 years or so, Waters has only performed with his former bandmates as a part of Floyd ONCE, and that was at Live 8 in 2005.

DAVID GILMOUR and NICK MASON also made guest appearances at a Roger Waters show in London in 2011.  Pink Floyd MINUS Waters released an album called “The Endless River” in 2014, and said it would definitely be their last.

If there was ANYTHING that would get all these guys back together, my guess is that it wouldn’t be a Republican.  Especially in Roger’s case.  But turn that frown upside down, Future President Kasich . . . there’s always KID ROCK.

Elton John says he will ‘phase out’ his Career to Focus on his Children

Sir Elton John has revealed he’s planning to “phase out” his career over the next few years, to focus on his children as they grow up.

The 68-year-old singer has decided to start reducing his workload to make his kids Zachary, five, and Elijah, three, his main priorities.

Speaking to Ken Bruce on BBC Radio 2 today, he said: “It’s all about the kids now, everything is worked out around half term and when they’re going to be in school, when they’re out of school, and they are the most important things in my life. They take preference over everything.

Read more here.

Music News February 3, 2016

Lady Gaga Will do a Musical Tribute to David Bowie at the Grammys, and Sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl

LADY GAGA will do a musical tribute to DAVID BOWIE at the Grammys.  And other than someone who actually knew or was close to Bowie, they probably couldn’t have found a better fit.

CBS says it will be, quote, “a multi-sensory testament to the superstar’s incredible artistry and a reflection of his limitless creativity.”  And one of the producers adds, quote, “She’s perfect for it.”

The tribute will last six or seven minutes and cover at least three or four of Bowie’s songs.

The show airs live on CBS on February 15th.  And Gaga is nominated this year for “Til it Happens to You”, a song from a documentary on college sexual assault called “The Hunting Ground”.

This is a big week for her, because it was also announced yesterday that she’s singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

Time to Play the “Six Degrees of Vince Gill”

There’s a music version of “The Six Degrees of KEVIN BACON“, and if you start playing, you may never stop.  It’s a website that connects VINCE GILL to other artists and it’s called 6DegreesOfVinceGill.com.

It’s easy to play.  They already have his name entered and all you have to do is insert a singer’s name and the results pop right up.  And don’t limit yourself to country artists . . . Vince has been on the scene since the 1970s.

The first name I typed in was BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, and Vince was two steps away.  Bruce’s song “Human Touch” was performed by Patti Scialfa . . . who composed “Spanish Dancer”, which featured an instrumental performance by . . . Vince Gill.

I also tried Frank Sinatra, Snoop Dogg, Adele, and Weird Al Yankovic, and each of them was two steps away.  Even more impressive is that your results can vary.  Every time I typed in Bruce Springsteen or Adele I came up with different connections.

According to the site, the average distance from any other artist is about three steps.  And they keep it current by updating it every couple of weeks.  Again, I warn you.  It’s very addictive.

Music News February 2, 2016

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Reveals Beastie Boys Exhibit

Ad-Rock, Mike D and the late MCA were inducted into Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, only the third Hip Hop group ever to be given the honor (after Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five and Run-DMC).

According to museum curator Meredith Rutledge-Borger, they had so much memorabilia left over from the induction, the Rock Hall decided to create an exhibit out of the remaining items. Over the weekend, the third floor transformed into a host of artifacts, mementos, and other items from the Def Jam graduates, including hand-written “Brass Monkey” lyrics, Mike D’s Volkswagen medallion, Beastie Boy action figures, and the outfits from their “Intergalactic” music video.

The Beastie Boys’ induction came just weeks before MCA (Adam Yauch) passed away from cancer at the age of 47. It was a devastating end to the trio’s lengthy career, which began in 1986 with the release of License To Ill. The Hip Hop world wasn’t ready for three white Brooklyn boys to make such a lasting impact on the culture, but with the help of producer Rick Rubin, Russell Simmons and Def Jam, that’s exactly what they did.

You can read more here.

Donald Trump Picks Up Endorsements from Kid Rock and Azealia Banks,

But Not Adele

DONALD TRUMP went two-for-three in the world of music yesterday, picking up endorsements from KID ROCK and AZEALIA BANKS, but being asked by ADELE to stop using her music at campaign events.

Kid endorsed MITT ROMNEY last time around, and now he says, quote, “I’m digging Trump . . . My feeling is, let the mother[effing] business guy run it like [an effing] business.  And his campaign has been entertaining as [crap].”

Azealia says she’s voting for Donald because he’s the only candidate who can actually break up big business.  She adds, quote, “I only trust this country to be what it is:  full of [crap].  Takes [crap] to know [crap] so we may as well put a piece of [crap] in the White House.”

Then she said, quote, “I think Donald trump is evil like America is evil and in order for America to keep up with itself it needs him.”  (Click here for the rest.  And click here for a story about Azealia avoiding assault charges.)

Meanwhile, Donald has been using Adele’s “Skyfall” and “Rolling in the Deep” at campaign events, and she wants it to stop.  Her rep says, quote, “This gives the false impression that she is connected with or endorses Mr. Trump’s presidential bid.”  The rep noted she hasn’t given ANY politician the okay to use her stuff.

Michael Jackson Loved to Watch Videos of Prince Failing

Producer L.A. REID has a new book coming out where he claims that MICHAEL JACKSON could be ICE COLD when he wanted to be.  For instance, he loved watching his rival PRINCE fail.

Back in the ’90s, Reid and BABYFACE were working with Michael, and he took them into a screening room.  He showed them a video of a 1983 JAMES BROWN concert, where both he and Prince were onstage guests.

Michael danced a few steps, and then Prince tried to perform, but it was a disaster.  He couldn’t get his guitar to work, and he was trying microphone tricks and poses that just weren’t good.

Reid says, quote, “Prince fell as flat as he could, and Michael enjoyed laughing at the video.”

Then he played a scene from Prince’s crappy movie “Under the Cherry Moon” so he could laugh at him some more.

Music News February 1, 2016

Signe Anderson, Original Jefferson Airplane Singer Died at the Age of 74

Signe Anderson, Jefferson Airplane‘s original female vocalist who sang on the band’s 1966 debut LP Jefferson Airplane Takes Off, passed away January 28th. Anderson was 74. No cause of death was provided, but Psychedelic Sight reports that Anderson had suffered health issues in recent years, while her former band mate Jack Casady said she recently entered a hospice facility. Anderson’s death came the same day as her former band mate Paul Kantner, who passed away January 28th from multiple organ failure and septic shock.
Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/signe-anderson-original-jefferson-airplane-singer-dead-at-74-20160131#ixzz3yvz3BSIm
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The Details of David Bowie’s Will, Including His $100 Million Fortune

DAVID BOWIE died with around $100 million to his name, and according to court documents, his wife IMAN will inherit HALF of that.

The rest will be split between his two children, Duncan Jones and Lexi Zahra Jones.  Lexi is 15, so she’ll have to wait until she’s 25 to get her cut.  Also, his personal assistant will get $2 million, and Duncan’s former nanny gets $1 million.

According to the “New York Post”, Bowie’s dying wish was to have his remains taken to Bali, then be cremated and have his ashes scattered, quote, “in accordance with the Buddhist rituals of Bali.”  He’d been a Buddhist since the late ’60s.

Adele is Back on Top of the Charts

ADELE took a break from the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 to let people celebrate DAVID BOWIE, and to let PANIC! AT THE DISCO have their fun.  But she’s back on top this week, selling 116,000 copies of her latest album “25”.

Panic’s “Death of a Bachelor” took a dive town to 5th place.  Here’s the Top 10:

  1. “25”, Adele . . . 116,000 copies
  2. “Purpose”, Justin Bieber . . . 87,000 copies
  3. NEW:  “Dystopia”, Megadeth . . . 49,000 copies
  4. “Blurryface”, Twenty One Pilots . . . 42,000 copies
  5. “Death of a Bachelor”, Panic! At the Disco . . . 39,000 copies
  6. “Blackstar”, David Bowie . . . 35,000 copies
  7. “Traveller”, Chris Stapleton . . . 34,000 copies
  8. “Beauty Behind the Madness”, The Weeknd . . . 32,000 copies
  9. NEW:  “The 2016 Grammy Nominees”. . . more than 31,000 copies
  10. “Trapsoul”, Bryson Tiller . . . 31,000 copies



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